Lector Instructions

Lector Preparation before Mass

  • Review and practice the readings at home during the week www.usccb.org/nab.
  • Before Mass, arrive in the Sacristy early and set the Lectionary book ribbon to the proper reading for the day. If there is a short or long form for your reading, ask the Priest which form should be proclaimed.
  • Place the Lectionary on Ambo before Mass
  • Place Gospelbook holder on the Altar before Mass
  • Place the Reserved Seat tags on front pews.

During Mass

  • Carry Gospel Book in Procession (unless a Deacon is present)
  • Process directly to the altar and place Gospel Book in the book holder on the altar and return to procession for the bow.
  • Sit in first seat in front Pew
  • After the Commentator introduces the First Reading, approach the Sanctuary bowing to the altar before proceeding to the Ambo.
  • When the First Reading is finished, proceed to and sit in the pew in the sanctuary to the right side of the Ambo.
  • Return to the ambo after the Psalm and proclaim the Second Reading
  • When the Second Reading is finished, close the Lectionary and place it on the lower ambo shelf. Bow to the altar while returning to your seat
  • At the Lamb of God, bow in front of the sanctuary with the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, and proceed to the right side of the sanctuary for the reception of Holy Communion.
  • At the conclusion of Mass, the Book of Gospels is not carried in the procession